Pennsylvania Session Laws Preservation Project

The Legislative Reference Bureau has undertaken a long-term preservation and public access project to digitize the laws enacted for the Province and Commonwealth of Pennsylvania as published on a periodic basis from 1682 to the most recently completed session of the General Assembly of Pennsylvania. These laws are collectively referred to as “session laws.”

This on-going project includes three published collections of session laws available online at the Pennsylvania Session Laws website,

The Statutes at Large collection of 18 volumes contains laws enacted from 1682 through 1809. This complete collection is available online.

The Smith’s Laws collection of 10 volumes contains laws enacted from 1700 through the 1828-1829 legislative session. Repealed, expired or obsolete laws were not carried in Smith’s Laws. Volumes 1 through 3 of this collection are available online.

The Pamphlet Laws collection, also referred to as the Laws of Pennsylvania, contains laws enacted from 1802 through the most recently completed legislative session, as publication schedules allow. Volumes from 1970 through 2003 are available online.